Application for admission


APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION TO THE INTEGRATED UNDERGRADUATE AND GRADUATE PROGRAM: MEDICAL STUDIES IN ENGLISH IN THE ACADEMIC YEAR 2020/2021 (Second call) Required application components: – A completed application form (available at the School of Medicine or online on this link)

Announcement for Students


The third exam term in the subject Histology and Embryology  will be July 03rd  at 10:00 am in classroom no 5. The third exam term in the subject Medical Genetics  will be July 02nd at 10:00 am in classroom MSE. The first…

Announcement for the 2th year students


The second exam term in the subject Immunology will be July 07th at 12:00 pm in classroom on.5 . The second exam term in the subject Basics of Neuroscience will be July 01st at 12:00 pm in classroom MSE.

Announcement to all students


Students are required to perform their teaching duties in accordance with the Rules of Study of the University of Mostar. Students may justifiably be absent during the semester from the teaching of a particular subject which is performed in the…