Quality Assurance Office

The Quality Assurance and Improvement System at the Faculty of Medicine University of Mostar

The system of Quality Assurance at Faculty of Medicine, University in Mostar is based on the principles and models of planning, monitoring, evaluating and proposing measures to improve quality. Policies and measures to implement and comply with quality assurance criteria are based on “Framework Law on Higher Education”, “Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (EURASHE: Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area)“, Statute of the University of Mostar and the Statute of the Medical Faculty of the University of Mostar. Center for Quality Assurance at the University level provides monitoring and improving the quality that is regulated by a number of legal acts (Manual on Quality Assurance, Policy Statement of quality assurance, quality assurance strategy, Guide for Quality Assurance), and additional quality assurance and quality improvement is defined by Regulations on the organization and operation of systems for quality assurance.

The aim of the Quality Assurance

The aim of the Quality Assurance to assure and improve the quality of the Medical Faculty in Mostar is the continuous promotion of the culture of quality and the creation of an institutional framework for mechanisms for the systematic evaluation and coordination of all development initiatives and recommendations with a permanent focus of promoting and improving quality and ensuring high standards of occupational and professional development of students, teachers, employees, associates, administrative and technical staff, the Management of the Faculty, library staff and external associates in all areas of the Faculty.

Politics of Quality Assurance

In accordance with our mission, vision and aims defined in the strategy of the Faculty of Medicine and the University of Mostar, Faculty chooses sustainable development of quality systems in all segments of its operations. The politics of quality assurance is based on:

  1. development and improvement of quality system according to the European, national and foreign university standards and guidelines for quality assurance with the encouragement of the active role of all stakeholders and active encourage of the participation of our students in the quality assurance system
  2. raising the visibility and competitiveness of Faculty of Medicine in Mostar as a higher education institution, adapted to the market needs with a clear developmental strategy based on learning outcomes
  3. establishment, maintenance and continuous improvement of quality at all levels
  4. strengthening the Faculty of Medicine in Mostar as an incubator of research activities characterized by interdisciplinary scientific research and professional projects
  5. Permanent monitoring of quality parameters and continuous evaluation of the quality policy and strategy of the Faculty of Medicine in Mostar in accordance with the indicators of quality
  6. synergy of teaching and research and to strengthen the active role of the Medical Faculty in Mostar in the development of economic processes and well-being of communities in which it operates
  7. accountable and transparent operations and the fulfillment of entrusted tasks
  8. creating a pro-active, stable and motivating work environment