Education of educators

Training of employees for the purpose of the election to the scientific-educational titles at the Faculty of Mostar called Education of educators is held every year by ensuring a sufficient number of participants. We therefore ask all interested candidates to apply to the Office for Quality Assurance,  e-mail  or on the phone 036 / 335-627.

Head of course: Prof. Katarina Vukojevic, MD, PhD

Course Secretary: Nevenka Jelic, dipl. ing

Last course held 20.01. – 21.01. 2017.

Due to the expressed need for Education of educators in terms of professional development, defined as activities relating to teaching adults, we made the following themes of the course:

  1. Methodology lecture: Forms of work with adults (The lecture, the seminar, the exercises?)
  2. Learning outcomes and their role and writing syllabus
  3. Team Learning
  4. E-learning (experience in Bosnia and Herzegovina; opportunities at the Faculty og Medicine in Mostar)
  5. Searching index publications, search for a specific journal article by using a strategic approach
  6. Problem Based Learning
  7. Communication and Development of Communication Skills
  8. Planning and preparation of the teaching process
  9. Writing Exam Questions
  10. Microteaching


Mostar, 20.01. – 21.01. 2017.

Plan i program rada



(Uk. 20)





10.00-11.30prof. dr. sc. Mirjana MavrakPredavanje i vježbe


Metodologija predavanja: Oblici rada s odraslima

(Što je predavanje, što seminar, a što vježbe?)

 11.30-12.15prof. dr. sc. Mirjana MavrakPredavanje i vježbe


Ishodi učenja i njihova uloga

Pisanje syllabusa

 12.15-13.30prof. dr. sc. Z. ĐogašPredavanje: Team Learning1
 13.30-15.00prof. dr. sc. Z. ĐogašVježbe: Team Learning



 15.00-15.45Mario PrskaloInteraktivni seminar: E-learning iskustva u BiH; mogućnosti na MF u Mostaru1
 15.45-17.15prof. dr. sc. Z. Đogaš,


Prof. dr. sc. Katarina Vukojević

Josip Lesko, dr. med.

Vježbe: Pretraživanje indeksnih publikacija,


Traženje određenoga časopisnog članka s pomoću strategijskog pristupa (tri skupine)




08.00-08.45prof. dr. sc. Mirjana MavrakPredavanje: Problem Based Learning1
 08.45-10.15prof. dr. sc. Mirjana MavrakVježbe: Problem Based Learning



 10.15-11.45prof. dr. sc. Mirjana MavrakPredavanje i vježbe


Komunikacija i razvoj vještine komuniciranja

 11.45-12.30Prof. dr. sc. Katarina Vukojević


Prof. dr. sc. Violeta Šoljić



Planiranje i priprema nastavnog procesa

 12.30-13.15Prof. dr. sc. Katarina Vukojević


Prof. dr. sc. Violeta Šoljić



Pisanje ispitnih pitanja

 13.15-14.30prof. dr. sc. Mirjana MavrakPredavanje: Microteaching1
 14.30-16.45prof. Mirjana Mavrak


Prof. dr. sc. Katarina Vukojević

Prof. dr. sc. Violeta Šoljić

Josip Lesko, dr. med.

Vježbe: Microteaching


(tri skupine)

 16.45-17.15 ISPIT